[OWASP-Security101] Security Question - Cross Site Scripting [Stored]

Paul Cartmell paul at starcode.co.uk
Tue Mar 22 21:29:56 UTC 2016

Aloha Jim

Many thanks for the reply.

To give a little more context to the issue, I have an application which has been pen-tested and a vulnerability of Stored XSS highlighted.

I believe this to be a mis-diagnosis as we do escape EVERYTHING at the client boundary prior to UI display.

The actual data is stored 'as-is' (i.e. unescaped characters) and it is this that has been identified as 'Stored XSS'.

It is *purely* the storage that has been highlighted as the vulnerability, as the UI escaping has been fully tested and passed with no issues.

All possible data 'exit routes' (including a web service) are properly escaped therefore I believe the application does not have a Stored XSS problem.

I'm no security expert however I do think that my application is safe from this issue given the above measures that have been put in place; would you agree?

Thanks again...

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 > How should the data be stored within a database - escaped or unescaped?

Well you need to escape in one of several contexts (javascript, html,
css, etc) so I recommend you focus your efforts on escaping in the user

The best way to stop injection (and XSS is just injection) is to provide
your defense as close to the boundary between the parser that can hurt
you and untrusted data. For XSS, that means escaping EVERYTHING in your UI.

Sure you can escape in the database, but you will have to un-escape and
re-escape in the right content.


On 3/22/16 5:48 AM, Paul Cartmell wrote:
> Hi there
> I'm looking for some clarification on a particular issue relating to Stored Cross Site Scripting.
> To protect against this vulnerability I understand that untrusted content should be escaped to prevent execution within the client.
> How should the data be stored within a database - escaped or unescaped?
> It is my understanding that the data can be stored unescaped and as long as the content is escaped prior to client presentation, this is acceptable.
> Whilst the data is potentially unsafe if stored unescaped, if all possible routes to the client are correctly handled, is the vulnerability mitigated?
> Any input gratefully received...
> Thanks
> Paul.
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