[OWASP-Security101] Common security flaws

James Buchanan jbwhack at outlook.com
Sat Nov 28 03:11:15 UTC 2015

Hi Hilbert,
Common list of flaws, you mean for networks?  Operating systems?  Buggy and undocumented features of hardware?  Web apps?  Mobile apps?  Flaws in how things are done, for instance in setting up a server?  Or how firewalls are often not well configured or understood?  Flaws in the usual password patterns?  I could go on, but things are quite good for security professionals I guess :)  All the things, a very long list, will keep us in business, and I fear it's going to "get better..."
I'm sorry to sound jovial on such a serious topic, or flippant, but what I really mean to ask is common flaws in what precisely?  I suppose there is such a thing/plural noun as "security flaws," although in my opinion that's better refined down to specific flaws in products, processes, design, infrastructure, things like that.  What I mean is, if we can nail it and define these more precisely, then it makes the job a little easier for info-sec professionals, and better for everyone if they understand.  And easier for students and more junior professionals in info-sec.
If you can define what you mean a little better, I'm sure we can find quite a list. :)
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> Subject: [OWASP-Security101] Common security flaws
> Hi can I have a common list of flaws that are available. And link would
> be fine.
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