[OWASP-Security101] mod_security question ...

Campbell, Dominic dominic.campbell at logica.com
Thu Sep 27 16:03:03 UTC 2012

Hi All,
I want to do the following:

1.       Take XML files and POST them to website running Apache with mod_security    (done this, easy)

2.       Get mod_security to accept or reject the file, depending on if it finds "bad" content       (done this, easy)

3.       IF content is fine, just return success      (done this, easy)

4.       IF bad content found, make the RESPONSE a list of all the things found (can't work out how to do this)

a.       OR return the list of errors to me somehow

The overall idea behind 4, is that I want to easily be able to report all the bad content from an XML file (i.e. each occurrence found in a file), not just a report that it is "bad".

I want to do this to many, many thousands of XML files.

Any ideas on how I achieve the goal programmatically? I can't read the error log and decipher it, as there's no way to correlate it back to the original input XML file (that I can work out), especially not if I do this multi-threaded.

Thanks for any help.



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