[OWASP-Security101] China auto manufacturer invests Auto assembling plant in developing country and searchs partner

Mr.Wang business-big at cta.cq.cn
Thu Mar 15 10:47:17 UTC 2012

Dear Sir or Madam: 
We are an overseas marketing development Dept of China Chongqing Big Science & Development(Group) Co.ltd, a professional China Auto Manufacturer. Our products include cars, buses sreies, Van, pickup, SUV, truck series,mini moke car series and CNG series products, CNG tricycle, CNG motorcycle. We are searching developing country cooperative partner for auto assembling plant project,Cooperation form includes: joint venture cooperation,turnkey,cooperation agreement,trade cooperation Partner 
requirements and essential conditions:
1, have some economic strength,the investment capacity over 1 million USD.
2, have over 3000M2 workshop + over 10000M land. 
3, have car sales channel, web or car garage/remanufacturing second-hand car, or with the car related business
4, For setting up auto assembling plant in local place, the most important condition is: the customs duty difference between CBU (completely assembly automobile) and CKD(completely knocked down)should be over least 25%.
If your company can meet the 2-3 terms mentioned above, please fill out the enclosed questionnaire, then we'll discuss investment and conditions for cooperation according to your questionaire information. We would also like to welcome your cooperation on trade only, or develop step by step starting from trade to set up auto assemble plant.  Why our cooperation can success,because this project has following advantages, including:
1, Chinese auto products with high cost performance.
2, Due to preferential customs duty on SKD,CKD, auto parts importing paying much less taxes. 
3, With SKD or CKD, more units loaded in one container, so saving a lot freight cost. 
4, The key to success of this project is "to proceed from reality in everything, to seek truth from facts".
5,We provide cooperation,technology support and credit or support.
6, After an assembling plant set up in local, the after sales for Chinese vehicles in the 4S shop can be greatly guaranteed with all help with technology from China part.
If you have any advice,please you inform us as soon as possible.
(please answer to under E-mail box at all box)E-mail;yun-work at 163.com ;593713113 at qq.com ;wlwang-big at qq.com; Mr.Weilin Wang  Oversea market development Dept.of China Big Science&Technology Development(Group)Co.,Ltd, Tel:+86-23-67635049-607Fax;67635036;Mobile:+86-13110143845; Skype:W.L.Wang66; MSN: wlwangbig at msa.cn ;   

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