[SAMM] SAMM in ebook formats

Paweł Krawczyk pawel.krawczyk at hush.com
Wed Jan 26 11:46:00 EST 2011

Hi all,

As we discussed back in December, I've started to work on 
converting SAMM into document formats that would be readable on 
ebook reader devices. I've written a Python script to convert SAMM 
XML file into a set of source files (HTML, OPF, NCX) that can be 
converted into any ebook format.

The actual conversion is currently left to the user - i.e. myself 
as Kindle user I'm running mobigen.exe to convert the source files 
into MOBI file. It should be similiar in case of EPUB and other 

These files are now available here:


Please test & comment. 

One comment I have on the SAMM XML file is that it would help a lot 
if front-matter section was structured - i.e. authors, license, url 
etc were all listed in separate XML branches. Currently they're 
dumped in one big content section which makes extraction of this 
data a bit of guess game.

Future work would probably be mostly manual - embedding some of the 
pictures from PDF into the ebook version and improving readability 
of some sections.

Paweł Krawczyk

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