[Passfault] passfault c++

Cam Morris cam.morris at owasp.org
Wed Aug 31 16:20:05 UTC 2016

Not yet.  I think I know how to do it.  Its just a busy week.  We need to
change the core dependency to word lists to be runtime, then change the
json service to exclude the word lists.

On Aug 31, 2016 9:22 AM, "Bernardo Araujo Rodrigues" <
bernardo at posgrad.ufg.br> wrote:

> Started writing headers for the C++ version.
> https://github.com/bernardoaraujor/passfaultCpp
> Cam, did you fix the Java code?
> If I could go through the Java code step by step it would be helpful in
> writing the C++ code.
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