[Passfault] Collaboration

Bernardo Araujo Rodrigues bernardo at posgrad.ufg.br
Fri Aug 26 15:43:58 UTC 2016

Hi everyone, how are you?
My name is Bernardo Rodrigues, I am a Masters Candidate at UFG's
Electrical, Computer and Mechanical Engineering School, Brazil.

My research topic is password strength.
After looking at several projects, I've come to the conclusion Passfault
is the best implementation of password strength metrics nowadays. The
project is really interesting!

I just watched this presentation
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPTUpGGgKLk), but I'm still really

I could only find one mention to Passfault by this Cornell article
I was wondering whether there is there any articles/publications (IEEE,
InfoSec, etc) about Passfault? I mean, with details about its
implementation, etc.

Do you still need help with anything regarding coding or porting the
project to linux distros?

Bernardo Araujo Rodrigues

Electronics Engineer | Engenheiro Eletrônico
Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Candidate | Mestrando em
Engenharia Elétrica e de Computação.
Mobile | Celular: +55 62 99182-9140
skype: bernardoaraujor44

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