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Samantha Groves samantha.groves at owasp.org
Fri Oct 4 16:57:24 UTC 2013

Hello Advisors,

Thank you so much for joining this week's call. I think we have finally
reached a point where we have a solid finalized version of our assessment
criteria for both the project health and product quality. Below, you will
find a brief outline of our meeting minutes along with the action items for
next week.

*Meeting Minutes: Advisor's 2nd Meeting - August 6th, 2013*

Samantha Groves
Ly Vandy
Christopher Bush
Johanna Curiel


*- Discuss the Product/Deliverable criteria in detail *
  - Before the call, I put together additional criteria based on various
suggestions from the team.
  - We discussed the updated criteria in detail on the call, and came to a
tentative consensus about each statement.
  - Johanna suggested we use a points based grading system for the
product/deliverable quality instead of yes or no questions.
  - We agreed, and consolidated the previous questions with the news ones.
  - Here is Project Assessment Criteria
your review.

*- Summit Participation*
  - AppSec USA Conference <http://appsecusa.org/2013/>: November 18th - 21st
  - Location: Times Square, New York
  - We will be using the criteria we have diligently worked to put together
to assess every project in the OWASP Projects Infrastructure.
 - Johanna will lead the project review session taking place on Monday,
November 18th starting at 9AM.

*- Project Wiki Templates*
 - Colin, project leader of the Cornucopia Project, is currently working on
putting together wiki templates for us based on his project's page.
- We should have the templates by next week if not sooner.

*- Project Assessment Form*
 - Johanna has kindly put together a form reviewers can use to assess each
 - Please have a look at the
and let us know if you feel there should be any additional edits made
before we make it live at the Summit.
 - Thank you, Johanna.


*Action Items: Taken from Joshua's Notes and Modified to show additions*
- Advisors: Please review Assessment Criteria V7 in detail.
- If there are no objections about having this be our final draft, then I
will officially present it to the community as our new Assessment Criteria
that all projects will now be graded on.
- Please let us know by Friday of next week if you have any objections.

*Thank you*

Thank you for all of your hard work and diligence on this project. We are
on the brink of finishing our work, and I am happy to say that is has been
a true pleasure working with you all. Please do let me know if you have any
questions about V7, and I will try my best to clarify any points for you.

Have a great rest of the week, Advisors.

Samantha Groves


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