[Owasp_snakes_and_ladders] Project news

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Thu Jan 21 18:04:51 UTC 2016

S&L team

Further to my email in December, I am pleased to announce that Katy
Anton has become co-project leader of OWASP Snakes and Ladders (S&L)
with me.

Katy is based in the UK and has helped run at least two OWASP
chapters. She is an active contributor to the OWASP Proactive Controls
project, referenced by "S&L Web Applications Edition"  and created the
proactive controls vs Top Ten mapping document. Katy has spoken about
S&L at OWASP chapter meetings, at developer meet-ups and in her own

Please join me in welcoming Katy as co-leader.

With the release of Proactive Controls 2016, we will need to update
the "Web Applications Edition" documents. Katy and I will prepare the
changes and approach previous volunteers who have helped by creating


Colin Watson
OWASP Snakes and Ladder project co-leader

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