[owasp_seraphimdroid_project] GSoC - Behavioral malware and intrusion analysis

Athos Ribeiro athoscribeiro at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 10:39:13 UTC 2016

> The idea of application is to have some sort of proposition, what would you
> like to do and how. That includes reviewing literature for the best
> solution and/or in case you have some experience you can use that as well.
> There have been a number of papers that tried to detect malware on android
> using op-codes or battery usage as well as some other techniques. Some
> search for behavioral malware or intrusion detection on android on Google
> Scholar will give you the list that can work quite well for you. You also
> need to provide some time schedule of the project over the 3 months that
> Google Summer of Code lasts, or in other terms what you will be doing each
> week.
> It would be great if you can download the code and set up your environment
> so you can build Seraphimdroid before submitting proposal. As well as
> familiarize yourself with some bits of code and documentation that can be
> found on the Seraphimdroid page and GitHub. There is also my 20+ minute
> presentation on OWASP Seraphimdroid that was recorded on OWASP Manchester
> meeting and can be helpful to get some overview of the project.
> You can send me proposal before submitting, so I can have a look and maybe
> give you some advises, however, you need to submit proposal finally over
> GSoC web portal.

Ok, I will set my environment up and then I will send you a draft of my proposal.

Thank you.

Athos Ribeiro


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