[owasp_seraphimdroid_project] Re-activationg mailing list and project news

Nikola Milosevic nikola.milosevic at owasp.org
Sat Sep 26 12:46:12 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I'd like to reactivate this mailing list. For some past time, I have been
conducting communication privatly with the people involved in project,
which was probably not the great idea, especially I find it oud after
reading Producing Open Souce Software book. I would like to start following
some guidlines from the book from now on, which means that all the project
related communication I would like to conduct on this mailing list. Also
this project ment to be community driven, and as such, I would welcome all
your contributions.

Since some of you might have joined this mailing list some long time ago, I
would give in this first email couple of information generally about
project and about new events and developement of the project.

We have a bit pivoted project, but it remains in the area of Android
security, just it has a bit broader mission. Mission statement is defined

*To create, as a community, an open platform for education and protection
of Android users against privacy and security threats.*

This means we will work on two tracks:
 - Producing OWASP Seraphimdroid Android application and integrating more
privacy, security and anti-theft protection features.
- Producing educational material, guidlines and documents about secure use
of Android devices and best practices using Android OS in a secure manner.

Some of these documents and guidelines may become also part of the

Now I will provide some websites, in case you want to update yourself about

Current website of the project is as you know

Application is also available on Google Play:

To read about features released in first version of OWASP Seraphimdroid
project (as a result of development during the Google Summer of Code 2014):

About features released and updated in second version (result of
development during OWASP Code Summer Sprint 2015) you can read here:

Code of the project can be found on GitHub, where we also use bug tracking
system (and new ideas are tracked there as well) and wiki:

Less then a month ago, we released second version of the OWASP
Seraphimdroid application on Google play store. Also, about week ago,
application for project review for graduation into the Lab phase was filed.
We are still waiting for OWASP reviewers to review project and acknowledge
the graduation. I believe that the project satisfies all the requirements
for graduation, so I believe there will not be any problem with that.

Currently I have a plan on start working on Security user guide for Android
users. Soon, I will probably provide a link to the document where you can
add content or comments.

I hope we all can make project better and there is a space for everyone to
contribute, either through discussion, development, code review, testing,
engaging people, PR, marketing, etc.

Please write here if you have any ideas, comments, or something you want to
get involved regarding this project. Also, since currently, there are about
11 or 12 people on the list, you can write couple of things about yourself,
so we can know a bit about each other.

I am sorry, for this large email, but since mailing list was dead, I needed
to update all the information about project in one email.

Stay safe and let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,

Nikola Milošević
OWASP Seraphimdroid project leader
nikola.milosevic at owasp.org
OWASP - Open Web Application Security Project
OWASP Seraphimdroid Project
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