[owasp_seraphimdroid_project] OWASP Seraphimdroid v2.0 is released

Nikola Milosevic nikola.milosevic at owasp.org
Wed Sep 9 13:50:19 UTC 2015

Hello all,

I would like to officially announce here on the leaders list that we have
released the second version of OWASP Seraphimdroid project as a result of
OWASP Summer Code Sprint.

The application can be downloadable from Google Play:

You can read more about features and process on my blog post:

OWASP Searaphimdroid is basically an Android privacy and security
protection application with secondary aim to make mobile security, threats
and risks visible to users.

To highlight some features:
- We build machine learning aided permission scanner that was trained on
mobile malware dataset and by our tests is able to recognize malware only
based on permission usage in 88% of cases. This is one of the features I am
personally very proud of.
- We integrated scanner for secure settings
- You can lock your applications and system services (WiFi, network
connection and bluetooth)
- You can protect with password all installation/uninstallation from the
- There are some anti-theft features like geofencing, remote wipe or lock
with SMS message, etc.

I hope you will enjoy. I would appreciate any comment and suggestion for
future research and development. Also I would like to ask the ones that are
willing to share the information further. Thank you.

Pozdrav/Best regards,

Nikola Milošević
OWASP Seraphimdroid project leader
nikola.milosevic at owasp.org
OWASP - Open Web Application Security Project
OWASP Seraphimdroid Project
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