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Aleksandar Abu-Samra aleksandar at abu-samra.com
Sun Sep 8 09:22:04 UTC 2013

> Thank you for the contribution. I think that this will be good. Just one
> question. What happens if user dials the number that is not known? Will it
> be also blocked and user notified?

Yes unfortunately, the call will be blocked. I didn't find a way to
overcome that problem for now, and that is why I set up a simple
redial-last-call button from withing the app, just for us not to be
frustrated if we keep the developing app on out phones :)

> I also want to announce that we will be presenting our project on Software
> Freedom day in Belgrade this year. It will be Saturday September 21st in
> O3one gallery. Aleksandar would you like to come, and say couple of words?

That depends on if I will be in Belgrade at that date. I have serious plans
on moving to Berlin this or the next month, and if I get the job I was
interviewed for, that could literally happen next week.
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