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Aleksandar Abu-Samra aleksandar at abu-samra.com
Sun Sep 8 08:40:42 UTC 2013

Hello all,

I have just pushed some prototype code on outgoing calls

Here are some short notes:

   - We cannot know what application, stock or other, made a call request
   (please correct me if I am wrong), so we must treat every call equally
      - Therefore, distinction could be made by looking at call's country
      code or searching for the number in user's contact list
      - I've implemented the latter, blocking any unknown numbers and
      raising a notification. After selecting the notification, user
is presented
      with call log (not yet there), with an option to redial blocked calls.
      - Any other idea?
      - We should decide if it is better to make distinct or unifying
   logging class. Also, should we use SQLite or file as a database?
   - I'm testing everything on 4.3 Android so I'm not sure how everything
   responds on earlier versions.

That's it for now,
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