[Owasp_sdl] Notes from today's earlier phone conference

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Hi Guys - I wanted to quickly circle back to see if there is any progress or
documents that I can take a look at. I looked at all the emails but could
not find the OWASP wiki page for this project. Can we add that as a part of
mailing list signature so it comes with every mails. Also, if Jeremy has
setup the live document for this, can my name be added to it too? My hotmail
id is a_agarwwal at hotmail.com


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Hi Guys,

Quick meeting notes from our conference earlier today:

Point 1: Name

    Project umbrella name:
        OWASP SDL

    Sub projects:
        OWASP SDL for Java        (Supporting Tools for Java EE)
        OWASP SDL for .NET       (Supporting Tools for .NET)

    Other Deliverable:
        Case Studies

Point 2: Scope & Goals
    Initial Goal:
        Populate table outlining each phase/step of the MS simplified
SDL with OWASP tools & services

Point 3: Deliverables

    Table or list of tables on the OWASP web site
        Optimized for search engines
    Table is a listing of OWASP tools & services for each phase/step for
each technology


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