[Owasp_sdl] Notes from today's earlier phone conference

Jerry Hoff jerry at owasp.org
Fri Mar 11 23:30:05 EST 2011

Hi Guys,

Quick meeting notes from our conference earlier today:

Point 1: Name

    Project umbrella name:
        OWASP SDL

    Sub projects:
        OWASP SDL for Java        (Supporting Tools for Java EE)
        OWASP SDL for .NET       (Supporting Tools for .NET)

    Other Deliverable:
        Case Studies

Point 2: Scope & Goals
    Initial Goal:
        Populate table outlining each phase/step of the MS simplified
SDL with OWASP tools & services

Point 3: Deliverables

    Table or list of tables on the OWASP web site
        Optimized for search engines
    Table is a listing of OWASP tools & services for each phase/step for
each technology



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