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Anurag Agarwal anurag.agarwal at yahoo.com
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I think it's a good start. Just one thing though. There are so many
resources related to SDL outside of OWASP, which should be mentioned too.


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Hello OWASP SDL members!

Time to get this list talking.  Sorry, I have been in flux over the last
few weeks - basically moving from Asia to North America.  But at last I
am on terra firma.

To get started, we should decide a few things:

1) Name of the project.  Is "the OWASP SDL project" acceptable, or does
anyone have any other suggestions?
2) Scope of the project.  My basic roadmap is the following:

    - Version 1: Go through the existing Simplified Implementation of
the SDL and map it to existing OWASP resources
    - Release Version 1, and collect feedback from the community
    - Version 2: Based on information collected, add/remove/alter SDL
Phases and/or practices
    - Release Version 2, and collect feedback from the community ....
(repeat indefinitely)

This is just to get the conversation started - suggestions? 

Thanks team,

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