[Owasp_project_leader_list] OWASP Projects Spotlight - Lightning Presentations at AppSec EU 2015 - 21st or 22nd May

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Tue Mar 17 18:16:07 UTC 2015

Dear OWASP Project Leaders

I have been tasked to organise a couple of sessions during the main
conference days at AppSec EU 2015 in Amsterdam that aim to provide
insight to several OWASP projects. These will showcase innovation in
OWASP projects to the main audience - think of them as short "elevator
pitches". The sessions will comprise of 4 or 5 ten-minute lighting

- Title must be the equivalent OWASP project name
- Focus on project's aims, who does it help, what is available, how it
helps, future roadmap
- 10 slides maximum, using the OWASP template only, last slide must
have project URL and type of open source license on it
- No time for questions (ask audience to catch up with you later)
- No time for project history or personal biographies
- Absolutely no company/organisation logos or names.

I wondered if you would like to present your project? The brief
presentation needs to be very focused on briefing the audience about
why they should look into your project further.

OWASP cannot pay travel, accommodation or subsistence costs. Like
other leaders you will be able to use the leaders' code for free
access to the conference (21st-22nd May 2015). We will need from you:

- Confirmation of participation
- Who will be speaking (and email and mobile contact details)
- Any date/times unavailable
- Full project name
- Project URL
- One sentence project summary.

The project name will be listed in the programme, along with the other
featured projects, but no bios or photos since these sessions are
primarily about the projects.

If you are attending AppSec EU anyway and are interested in this
opportunity, please provide me with the above details by Friday 27th
March. The precise number of slots is yet to be confirmed, but if more
projects want to participate than there are slots, preference will be
given to more active projects, projects with recent releases, flagship
projects, and those who proposed talks for AppSec EU but were not
successful. If you have been accepted for a full talk at AppSec EU
already, it is much less likely you will be able to deliver a
lightning presentation too. We will confirm the allocated slots in

Colin Watson
colin.watson at owasp.org
AppSec EU "OWASP Projects Spotlight" session organiser

PS Please note these spotlight talks are in the main conference days
and are aimed at introducing key projects to conference attendees. It
is not related to the working sessions at the project summit during
the previous two days.

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