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John Patrick Lita john.patrick.lita at owasp.org
Wed Mar 4 20:55:34 UTC 2015

Miss Johanna im thinking about online Courses focusing in web Application
Security,Secure Coding etc...
in this Platform we will offer (Free)Lite Version of Courses and PAID(Full)
courses. in this case the foundation can produce a fund/Revenue to help our
or in the other side we can make it all free (Open Source) but if they want
to receive or get a certificate from OWASP Foundation they can Donate USD
5.00 for Certification of Compilation and we can add CPE points in that
particular trainings.

in this case this Owasp Online Academy Course will continue to grow, in
every instructor who participate also can earn a Monthly Allowance so that
they will put enough effort to provide more training materials.

this is the project that i want to start here in manila but the problem is,
i don't have enough resource. i can be the Program Manager responsible
sending Certificates to does who avail the 5 Dollar certificate of
completion. if we will think about this affordable certificate how many
professionals and Students who wants to educate there self for there

Then we can also put Leader-board for by providing points in every courses,
in this case we can Monitor who's the active students, from what country,
what courses did he take etc... the students will continue to learn and
they will like to see there names in top students of OWASP Foundation.

if we can execute this project this will be a stable income for OWASP
Foundation and the revenue can help to create more projects and can support
more chapters by providing Trainings.

We already have a Domain owaspacademy.com and we have unlimited storage.
just let me know if this idea can help our foundation.

Best Regrads
John Patrick Lita
*Chapter Leader OWASP Manila*
FB Page @OwaspManila <https://www.facebook.com/OwaspManila>
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