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Wed Jan 29 21:48:08 UTC 2014

Hii all,
just went through git page of *PHPSEC *and felt weird seeing

                           *abhshkdz* authored 2 months ago

I think we still need to complete the framework which can be directly used
by developers for building their web applications also make it at par with
other existing frameworks.
I had a conversation with Abbas and he had this point that if we start
building a complete framework it would be like putting too much efforts in
developing it from scratch plus it would deviate us from aim of developing
a secure framework to developing a framework. Instead we can maintain *PHPsec
*project as set of decoupled libraries which can be used by developers
directly for implementing security measures in their existing applications
while couple these libraries with some existing framework and provide it to
developers who want to use complete framework. We can go with jframework,
Abbas have been working on it so it would be easy for us to port.

Thus we would have two section 1. *PHPsec*: where we can contribute to
libraries and port it directly to the framework, 2. *framework: *for any
other features we can directly add it to framework.

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