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It really depends on the type of work you run into while with the firm. Experience is everything.

If programming is your passion, then contribute as much to open source projects as you can to create a living, public portfolio of your work and it will speak for itself. It says a lot more about your skill than a resume that spits out generic scenarios and boasts.

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What I am actually worried about was that after doing a job in consultancy, will I get job in these big companies or do I always have to stick in consultancy companies?

Also since in my job I will not have any development experience (only analysis and testing stuff), can at a later time I can approach in big companies and apply for a security development kind of job. Mostly I am worried that I should not loose my market value at a later time because eventually I have to move to my home country where security is not that much in demand. Only big companies such as Google, which are there, have jobs like this.

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Hi Rahul

consultancy is an excellent learning experience, I would also choose this and after a year or 2 I will look for better salary and bigger brand



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> Hello All,
> This question is completely out of project. I actually need some advice regarding my personal life. Since most of you guys are already in job or have some experience, I thought you all can guide me.
> I am getting this job at Cigital, which is a security consultant company. The pay is not great but the work includes penetration testing, code analysis etc (all security stuff).
> But I am not sure what is the scope of consultancy jobs. Will I get the RIGHT kind of exposure to technology and challenges, as I would get in other giant companies ?
> Should I take the job offer, or wait to apply in some other kind of organization other than consultancy. I personally wanted to apply in Microsoft, Amazon, IBM etc. as they come to my univ. for recruiting and since they are big companies, there is not much risk.
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