[OWASP_PHPSEC] Finding and indexing logs

rahul chaudhary rahul300chaudhary400 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 09:15:47 UTC 2013

Hello All,

In logs,
Logs will be generated and the files will be huge. So, searching in log
files would be very heavy.
A typical Log will look like this:
[message]    [WARNING]    [HIGH]    [filename]    [line no]    [time and

Now to make a function that indexes log according to some element say we
want all "WARNING" logs.
To do this, I am thinking of creating a function like this

*findLogs($filename, $orderBy)* where *filename* would tell the location of
the original log file and the *orderBy* will tell by which element would
you like to sort (for now say "WARNING")

So, this function will create a file inside temp folder that will go to
that log file and will index all the logs according to *orderBy*.

Then the searching in that temp file would be faster.

But then the issue is that the temp files can only be used once as the log
files will constantly get updated.

Am I right or do I need to do something else ?

Rahul Chaudhary
Ph - 412-519-9634
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