[OWASP_PHPSEC] Fwd: Gsoc doc camp! Who wants to go?

johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Thu Jul 25 01:25:30 UTC 2013

Hey guys

I got some great news, the gsoc doc camp is open for application and I'm
submitting the PHP project.

5 people can go, all paid by Google.

I just Spoke with Azeddine, if you want to submit the project please
contact him, and feedback

*What is it?*

The GSoC Doc Camp is a place for free software communities to meet, work on
creating a book for their project, attract new people to their efforts, and
share their documentation experiences. The camp aims to improve free
documentation materials and skills in free software projects and
individuals and help form the identity of the emergent free documentation
sector.The Doc Camp will consist of 2 major components - an unconference
and 2-4 short (3 day) Book Sprints to produce books for the selected

The unconference will explore topics proposed by the participants. Any
topic on free documentation of free software can be proposed for discussion
during the event.

Each Book Sprint will bring together 4-5 individuals to produce a book on a
specific free software project. All participants of the Doc Camp must
attend a sprint. The books will be launched online in print and ebook
formats on the final day of the event.

*Who should come?*
Individuals and free software projects can apply. All individuals will be
required to work on one of the selected projects to assist their
documentation efforts.

*How to I get involved?*
Individuals with a passion for free documentation about free software may
apply to attend by filling out the application form [1] and submitting
before August 7. Those wishing to attend do not need to be from a GSoC
project. Accommodation and food will be covered by the GSoC Doc Camp.
Partial or complete travel costs can also be applied for as part of the
application process.
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