[OWASP_PHPSEC] Daily Report - 23 July, 2013

rahul chaudhary rahul300chaudhary400 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 07:42:39 UTC 2013

Hello All,

So as you all know, I tool leave for sunday and monday. Now I am back. You
would be glad to know that I have passed my test. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I am
having an HR round and possibly after that I will have technical rounds.

*Before my report, please add me in the contributor list. I am not able to
push my codes.*

So here's my tuesday report.

Today I worked on the "logs" library. I added support for storing logs in
files and in DB.
I also created a template that makes user define in what format they want
their logs to be stored in.

Our logs work like this:
You create an instance of log and then you pass it a configuration file.
>From that configuration file, the logger will collect all the settings and
do all the necessary works. This conf file will contain the type of storing
mode such as Db, file etc. It will also tell table name, filename, which
mode to open file in etc etc. Once this has been done, the developer can
call the log function to store their logs using
logger->log("mylogmessage"); They can also specify additional details such
as file where the error was generated, type of error, priority of error etc.

With our logs library, the developers can also make their own template if
they would like to store additional data such as which class generated the
error. To do this, they would just have to make minor changes in code.

Currently the configuration file just supports arrays. Later I will add XML
support also.

*Since I am not familiar with XML, I am reading it now. once I do this,
then we can also store logs in XML format (if desired). Abbas also told me
to store logs in syslogs....I do not know what that is...so I have to read
it...that might take time....I am also working on functions such as mailing
of important logs to admins.....and searching for 1 or multiple entries in

Rahul Chaudhary
Ph - 412-519-9634
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