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Congratulations Abbas, great news!!!

On Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 2:31 AM, Abbas Naderi <abiusx at owasp.org> wrote:

> Ok
> Sorry for the vague code! I wanted to polish it more but my US visa got
> ready and I'm in the process of moving to US, thats why I left it at that
> (not so) fragile state.
> loader.php is the environment setup file. It makes the framework work
> properly whether its called from command line or the web. Basically
> everything that comes from the environment to the framework is set here.
> front.php is the FrontController. To know what that is, you need to learn
> more about the MVC model. After that, drop another email and describe it to
> others, and I can then describe the extended pull MVC model.
> Controller is an abstract class, because the application developer should
> create controllers that extend it.
> DefaultController is a controller that handles a bunch of requests, not
> just one. Basically each controller is assigned to a single URI, e.g
> app/user/login. One might want to have a default controller to control a
> lot of requests, e.g
> app/posts/post-one-hello-world
> app/posts/how-i-started-this
> and everything at app/posts/* to be handled by a single controller. Those
> are handled by a default (catch) controller.
> routes define which URI is handled by which controller. everything outside
> _core folder is a sample application, and not a necessary part of the
> framework (except for files in config folder which are required for
> framework configuration, e.g database credentials).
> -Abbas
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> On Mordad 25, 1392, at 11:22 PM, rahul chaudhary <
> rahul300chaudhary400 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I need help understanding the overall structure of framework that Abbas
> created.
> This is what I have understood this far:
> There is a folder called _core:
> 1) There is a file called "autoloader.php" which loads all the core
> classes in PHPSEC and then defines path to all other classes. It provides
> functions to load any class within framework or PHPSEC.
> 2) "Loader.php" prepares the HTTP Requests prior to calling front.php. E.g
> setting baseURL
> *3) "front.php"---> this is the main doubt. It says that it handles the
> application. But handling means what ? What are controllers. Because
> Controller class is just an abstract class and DefaultController is also
> not that descriptive that I can deduce what is does ?*
> Other classes such as routes.php or default.php...I understand their
> meaning not fully but up to like 80%......so can someone please explain me
> what is framework about and what is it doing ? (Or you can just point me to
> some link...I will learn from there..)
> --
> Regards,
> Rahul Chaudhary
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Rahul Chaudhary
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