[OWASP_PHPSEC] Need Help understanding framework

rahul chaudhary rahul300chaudhary400 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 18:52:34 UTC 2013

Hello All,

I need help understanding the overall structure of framework that Abbas

This is what I have understood this far:

There is a folder called _core:
1) There is a file called "autoloader.php" which loads all the core classes
in PHPSEC and then defines path to all other classes. It provides functions
to load any class within framework or PHPSEC.
2) "Loader.php" prepares the HTTP Requests prior to calling front.php. E.g
setting baseURL
*3) "front.php"---> this is the main doubt. It says that it handles the
application. But handling means what ? What are controllers. Because
Controller class is just an abstract class and DefaultController is also
not that descriptive that I can deduce what is does ?*

Other classes such as routes.php or default.php...I understand their
meaning not fully but up to like 80%......so can someone please explain me
what is framework about and what is it doing ? (Or you can just point me to
some link...I will learn from there..)

Rahul Chaudhary
Ph - 412-519-9634
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