[Owasp_periodic_table] Periodic Table view

Bil Corry bil.corry at owasp.org
Sun Jun 2 12:21:51 UTC 2013

I updated the wiki table to include the two-letter periodic “symbol” – those symbols were off the top of my head, feel free to change them to suit.  I also changed the look of the table, I think it’s easier to read/understand now:




When I have more time, I’ll work on my mockup of the periodic table to match James’ suggestion of how to organize it.



- Bil



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If the wiki table is updated to given a primary categorization of each vuln, I can adjust the mockup to what you specified below.  I can also color each group differently to better distinguish between the groups.



- Bil


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I had a thought about the periodic table view yesterday - what about putting the vulns that require browser/standard fixes where the lanthanides/actinides go? That sort of conveys the idea that those fixes sort of lay the foundation for all of the others (even though that's not what they mean in the chemical table of elements). Then we group the perimeter solution fixes on the left, framework solutions in the middle, and finally the issues that require custom code on the right.

What does everyone think?

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