[OWASP_OWTF] GSoC 2016: OWASP OWTF - Testing Framework Improvements

Karan Desai karandesai281196 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 12:03:06 UTC 2016

Dear developers,
I am Karan Desai, an Undergraduate from Indian Institute of technology, Roorkee.
I have thoroughly viewed the GSoC Ideas page and have narrowed down my choices
to this project -- OWTF Testing Framework Improvements.
On viewing the Getting Started Wiki Page, I intend to demonstrate my capability
as mentioned there point-wise, I'll be quoting the excerpts from the guide now:
* “Show us that you're super enthusiastic, autonomous and good at coding!” -> My Github Profile : https://www.github.com/karandesai-96/ -> I have more of an Electrical and Electronics background than a CS
background, yet I choose to have significant activity on GIthub. More than 600
contributions within approximately a year.
* Do you have a cool/interesting side project or class project? Show it to us!
Even better if it's open source and we can read the code!
-> I recently wrote a side project mainly focusing to demonstrate my coding
capabilities. https://www.github.com/karandesai-96/atomatic.py -> It is completely written in Python. With this repository I target to
demonstrate the following salient features : 1) I prefer two branches with infinite timeline - master and develop. Feature
branches come out of develop and are merged back and deleted. Master is always
clean. 2) I follow standard commit conventions.. Detailed point wise description in
commits if required, each line is wrapped within 50 characters. 3) PEP8 complaint code, and abundant docstrings. 4) Efficient unit tests - around 80% code coverage. 5) Ability to leverage usage of Continuous integration services. Used travis CI
and coveralls.io
Apart from these conventions, I am flexible to adopt the conventions of the
organizations and will welcome them happily.
“Have you ever contributed to an open source project? Show us what you did!” -> Yes, I have couple of pull requests merged in various repositories of
organizations, while some are work in progress. The pull requests topics are
kept descriptive yet concise
-> Here is the link to owtf's PR: IDE specific auto-generated files now in .gitignore. Fixes #562 by
karandesai-96 · Pull Request… As described in #562, the necessary files and directories for the following
IDEs/ editors have been included in .gitignore : Pycharm IDE - Jetbrains. .idea/
directory and… github.com
-> Other pull requests on Opencog repository for Artificial General
Intelligence: Docstrings - Adding/ modifying suitable docstrings to the source code. This PR does no modification in the functionality of the bot, it focuses mainly
on the documentation for better understanding of the source. I had a… github.com Solving Issue #20 by karandesai-96 · Pull Request #22 ·
opencog/opencog-to-minecraft Made appropriate additions of init.py files in various directories to help
Pycharm identify a directory to contain python modules. Also, documentation
regarding setting an rc file… github.com Autopep8 -- Helping developers to produce cleaner and more readable code. This pull request adds a new python script codelint.py in the base directory.
This script helps in aligning the code according to PEP8 style guidelines. github.com Fix corresponding to re-opened issue #20 by karandesai-96 · Pull Request #27 ·
opencog/opencog-to-minecraft Adds __all__ lists in __init__.py files of spockextras directory and
sub-directories. The main remedy which fixes the bug is to import all the
modules of a… github.com
-> A little fix in Sagemath:
#20009 (string monoid class one not defined) … trac.sagemath.org
I will be available on IRC throughout. I need to form a strong proposal and
would like to start early. I will probably have a google docs link ready. Should
I put it up here or are there any preferences, such as wiki pages ?
I value your time for consideration of my mail, please reply with your word on
the introductory piece. I believe I have made myself clear, but should you
require any extra information about me, I will be happy to reply as soon as I
Regards, Karan Desai. B.Tech II Year Electrical Engg. IIT Roorkee.
“Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.”
“ પરિશ્રમ એ જ પારસમણી”
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