[OWASP_OWTF] Steps to install OWTF on KALI 2.0

Vishal Gandhi vkgandhi84 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 02:38:57 UTC 2015


I am fairly new to this, but I tried out OWTF in October.  I initially
installed it on KALI 1.0 which was smooth, but then upgrading to KALI 2.0
left it broken.  So, I tried installing it directly on KALI 2.0.

I use VirtualBox virtual machine.  Following are the steps that I followed
to successfully install OWTF on KALI 2.0 which hopefully will help.

1.  Clone KALI Template:kali-linux-1.1.0a-i386-v2 [ I had a template of
KALI 1.1.0 ]
2.  Upgrade to KALI 2.0
3.  cd /opt
4.  git clone -b lions_2014 https://github.com/owtf/owtf.git
5.  cd /opt/owtf/install
6.  chmod u+x install.py
7.  pip install cffi --upgrade
8.  pip install --upgrade -r /opt/owtf/install/owtf.pip
9.  pip install --upgrade beautifulsoup4 lxml Markdown psycopg2 pycurl six
10. ./install.py
11. cd /opt/owtf/profiles/general
12. In default_backtrack.cfg and default.cfg, change value of
TOOL_METASPLOIT_DIR to reflect Metasploit installation directory to the
correct one which is /usr/share/metasploit-framework/

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