[OWASP_OWTF] OWTF 1.0 "Lionheart": Call for testers + GSoC Participation Poll results

Abraham Aranguren abraham.aranguren at owasp.org
Sat Sep 13 02:40:35 UTC 2014

Dear OWASP / OWTF friends,

We are about to release OWASP OWTF 1.0 "Lionheart" ahead of Brucon, this
is our biggest release ever and need your help!

*OWTF 1.0 "Lionheart" is inminent, *please* help us:
1) Testing the bleeding edge branch
2) Reporting bugs here: https://github.com/owtf/owtf/issues*
-other options: tutorials, demos, documentation, bug fixes, ideas,
suggestions, and any other form of contribution you can think of :)-

How to get started:

  * Intro: http://owtf.github.io/

  * Usage Documentation: http://docs.owtf.org/  

  * Tutorials / Demos /
    Talks: https://www.youtube.com/user/owtfproject/playlists

  * Passive online scanner (try some of the features from your browser,
    no need to install
    anything): http://owtf.github.io/online-passive-scanner/

For those interested in the motivation behind students who participate
in GSoC, I compiled the following poll results from among OWASP OWTF
GSoC 2014 participants:
NOTE: 15 answers, 10 x submitted + 5 x did not submit, interesting read imho

Have a great weekend and thank you in advance for all your help! :)


P.S. RTs welcome! https://twitter.com/owtfp/status/510610426376499201

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