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Assem Chelli assem.ch at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 21:58:11 UTC 2013

Hi Vojtěch,,

You are welcome here :)

As I stated earlier, I am blind and so I prefer text-based interface
> rather than GUI. I tried burpsuite but Java accessibility in Linux is
> not very good, so I try to find command line alternatives.

I have tried OWTF before but now I try to understand it more thoroughly.

Let me know, are you reading the  OWTF testing results  from the command
line or from the generated report?

> It works prety well, I have just one question. Lots of plugins return
> simple content - This will provide information in future, oor something
> similar.
What does this mean? does it mean that these plugins are still in
> development?

This means that those plug-ins results are not exploited yet by our
reporting system. In other cases, the pluging may be not ready yet.

> Is there any way of disabling those plugins, because they don't provide
> any useful information and just clutter report.

If you are using the web report, we will add a filter button that filter
the experimental plugins.
If you are using the command line output , so we shall add an argument that
ignore experimental plugins.

We're running a survey about a new reporting system, we look for your
feedback and comments. The link is here:

> Thank you very much,
> Vojtěch Polášek

Kind regards,
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