[OWASP_OWTF] newbie pentester

Vojtěch Polášek krecoun at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 21:37:27 UTC 2013

My name is Vojtěch Polášek and I am a blind student from Czech Republic.
I study at Masaryk University and I am interested in computer and
network security. I am working on some project which involves
vulnerability testing of a web application.
As I stated earlier, I am blind and so I prefer text-based interface
rather than GUI. I tried burpsuite but Java accessibility in Linux is
not very good, so I try to find command line alternatives.
I have tried OWTF before but now I try to understand it more thoroughly.
It works prety well, I have just one question. Lots of plugins return
simple content - This will provide information in future, oor something
What does this mean? does it mean that these plugins are still in
Is there any way of disabling those plugins, because they don't provide
any useful information and just clutter report.
Thank you very much,
Vojtěch Polášek

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