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*August 9th, 2017 at 2:00 PM ED**T: (INVITED TALK):*

*NIST SP 500-322 “Evaluation of Cloud Computing Services Based on NIST
800-145” <https://www.nist.gov/file/367976>*

*Eric Simmon, senior scientist, Cyber Infrastructure Group, NIST *

(please note the hyperlink above that points to the draft document)

*Abstract *

To demystify the ambiguity surrounding cloud services, the NIST Cloud
Computing Services Public Working Group analyzed the NIST cloud computing
definition and developed guidance on how to use it to evaluate and
categorize cloud services. NIST SP 500-322 "Evaluation of Cloud Computing
Services Based on NIST 800-145” clarifies the cloud computing definition
and service models as published in NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-145,
The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing (NIST Definition, September 2011).

*Presenter’s Bio*

Eric Simmon is a senior scientist in the Cyber Infrastructure Group at the
National Institute of Standards of Technology. He graduated magna cum laude
from Worcester, Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, MA) with an electrical
engineering degree in 1989. That same year he joined NIST to work on
precision measurements for high voltage and high current. In 2003 he joined
the EIG investigating systems modeling to improve the standards development

He leads the NIST cloud computing SLA and metrics efforts, is chair of the
NIST Cloud Computing Services Public Working Group and is project editor
for the ISO/IEC 19086-2 “Service Level Agreement (SLA) framework and
terminology - Metrics” draft standard.

In addition to cloud computing Mr. Simmon also leads NIST efforts on
cyber-physical cloud computing, CPS/IoT architecture, composition, and

ON SITE: 222 B341 Conference Room

*Call information (both meetings):*

Phone: 866-819-5964 <(866)%20819-5964>

Participant: 157533200754

*Webinar info*: please go to www.readytalk.com and log in as
*participant *using
the 3387748 access code.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

*Dr. Michaela Iorga*

*Senior Security Technical Lead for Cloud Computing*

*Chair, NIST Cloud Computing Security WG*

*Co-Chair, NIST Cloud Computing Forensic Science WG*

*Secure Systems and Applications Group 770.03 Computer Security Division,
ITL National Institute of Standards and Technology*

*~ *709702087756
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