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Subject: [BigdataArch] Possible NIST Activity in CPS, Cloud, and Big Data
technologies applied to Smart X applications
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There is an increasing convergence of CPS, Big Data, Cloud (and related
technologies) for Smart X applications <
(e.g. Smart Grid, Smart Cities). For an example of possible future
directions, see the recent joint IBM and Cisco announcement <
http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/49845.wss>. By virtue of its
Public Working Groups in all of these areas, NIST has laid a foundation
that can be the basis of a combined activity that could play a leadership
role in defining reference architectures, possible standards, security
requirements, and best practices for this technology convergence. This
activity should attract strong interest and participation from industry,
governments, academia, and standards groups. It could also provide support
and useful input to the existing Public Working Groups.

Any feedback would be valuable. Thanks.

Bob Marcus
Co-Chair of NIST Big Data Public Working Group
http://www.slideshare.net/bobmarcus/inventory-of-my-cps-slide-sets <

P.S. The responses to the NTIA’s recent RFC on the “Benefits, Challenges,
and Potential Government Roles for Fostering the Advancement of the
Internet of Things” <
http://www.slideshare.net/bobmarcus/ntia-iot-rfc-responses> and an upcoming
NTIA “Green Paper" could also provide valuable input on emerging
technologies and policies.

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