[Owasp_cornucopia] Printed deck availability

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Wed Apr 18 11:55:38 UTC 2018

We receive occasional direct enquiries about buying packs of cards. I sent
the following response to one person today, and have posted the message
body below for the benefit of other people reading this list's messages.

Dear xxxx

When I first created the game, I self-printed from the Word document onto
Avery business cards. But now the source Adobe design files are available
if people want to print the cards themselves professionally, but of course
that is expensive in small quantities.

OWASP used to stock packs to buy at a very reasonable $8 per pack, and sold
maybe 2,000 packs. But since one staff member left, they have not been
available. As a result of your enquiry I have chased this up and asked
whether they have any stock now, or if they could buy some.

I used to work part time at a consultancy called Blackfoot, and they
printed packs too (with their own branding on the box) and gave packs away.
They may still have some:


All options are listed on the project page:


I hope these options help, but please let me know how you get on.


Regards, Colin
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