[Owasp_cornucopia] Cornucopia Ecommerce Website Edition v1.20-EN

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Wed Jun 29 15:07:27 UTC 2016

Cornucopia list members

We are pleased to announce the release of OWASP Cornucopia Ecommerce
Website Edition v1.20-EN. The DOC, PDF and XML versions have been published
just now. The primary changes are  updates to the mappings for:

- Mitre CAPEC v2.8 (published November 2015)
- OWASP ASVS v3.0.1 (published today 29 June 2016)

Other changes are:

- How to Play video mentioned/linked
- Separate score sheet mentioned/linked
- Previous embedded score sheet pages deleted
- Correction (identified by Tom Brennan) and addition to text on card 8
- Oana Cornea and other participants at the AppSec EU 2015 project summit
added to list of contributors
- Darío De Filippis added as project co-leader
- Wiki Deck link added
- Minor text changes to a small number of cards
- Added “-EN” to version number in preparation for “-ES” version
- Susana Romaniz added as a contributor to the Spanish translation
- Minor text changes to instructions and FAQs.

 The DOC version with all changes highlited is also available:


In due course we will update the Wiki Deck, and the files used for the
printed decks available from OWASP. We are also planning for the game to be
fully available in Spanish.


Colin and Dario
OWASP Cornucopia project leaders

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