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Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Thu Jan 21 17:27:41 UTC 2016

Cornucopia team

Further to my message in December about project leadership, I am
pleased to announce that OWASP volunteer Darío De Filippis has become
joint Cornucopia Project Leader with me. Dario is a student of
Information Systems Engineering in the National Technological
University of the Santa Fe Regional Faculty in Argentina.

Dario conceived and created, and published today, a very useful "Card
Deck Wiki" for the Ecommerce Website Edition on the OWASP wiki

* 80 card pages (13x6 suits plus two jokers)
* 7 suit pages (one suit is "wild card" for the jokers)
* 3 cross-reference pages (SCP, ASVS, SAFEcode) for lists that do not
exist on the OWASP site
* Wiki deck index page

The wiki deck provides a single place to easily browse around the
suits and cards, jump to the relevant cross-references, and most
importantly an extra 'technical note' has been added for each card.
This technical note intends to supplement the card text, providing
additional information on the threat and attack. It also provides some
clarification between cards which at first might seem similar. It is
hoped this new wiki resource will help support using Cornucopia for
application security training and threat modelling.

We would welcome contributions to correct, extend, and improve the
technical notes for each card.

The wiki deck can be found at:


Please join me in welcoming Darío and thanking him for his hard work.


Colin Watson
OWASP Cornucopia project co-leader
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