[Owasp_cornucopia] Cornucopia at AppSecEU

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Mon Jun 1 17:35:46 UTC 2015

Cornucopia Project List (and a few others BCC'd)

We had a few Cornucopia things happening at AppSec EU in Amsterdam
last week. Here's my report:

Project Summit

There have been request for more information about how to play
Cornucopia. Of course you can play amy game you like, but the most
important thing is to capture the knowledge and concerns identified
during the game. So we decided to make a short video to help explain
the standard rules, and highlight this aspect.

I have just uploaded the completed Cornucopia "how to play" video to YouTube:




It is a mixture of videos, stills and audio voiceovers, 6 minutes
long. Please have a look, and give it the thumbs up or whatever, and
also share the link with people you know.

I would especially like to thank:

* Oana Cornea

Oana is an active OWASP contributor from Romania who specifically came
to the summit to attend the Cornucopia session, and gave us the
impetus to complete the script, stills and videos. Oana was also
responsible for direction, script writing and some of the filming. We
were short of participants and the following volunteers paused their
other project summit tasks to help as players and other parts in our

* Johanna Curiel
* Luis Enriquez
* Timo Goosen
* John Herrlin
* Marios Kourtesis
* Antonis Manaras
* Ravishankar Sahadevan
* Tao Sauvage

Thank you all for your assistance. Your names have been added to the
project's acknowledgements page:


Your names will be added to the next version of the source game
document (currently v1.10).

We hope this isn't the only Cornucopia video, and would encourage
others to make their own and upload them.

Delegate Bags

I wrote a Cornucopia flyer which was included in every delegate's bag
(500 of them). On the reverse was some information about Snakes &
Ladders. They were written & designed by me at no cost, and the
printing was funded by OWASP, through its community fund. Thank you to
OWASP for that.

The Illustrator source file, and PDFs, for the flyer will be uploaded
in due course.

Other Activity

OWASP is developing an online store, so the OWASP-branded decks can be
purchased by anyone, not just via local chapter funds. I understand
that large quantities (scores at a time) are being purchased by some
companies already.


Colin Watson
OWASP Cornucopia Project Leader




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