[Owasp_cornucopia] Project leadership

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Fri Dec 4 09:22:12 UTC 2015

Cornucopia list members

There appear to be moves by OWASP to encourage increased diversity and
support in chapters and projects. For example chapters must have at
least two chapter leaders. I think Cornucopia, like other projects,
would benefit from having multiple project leaders, and this might
help us secure additional support.

Project leadership doesn't necessarily involve too much, but helping
with the mailing list and wiki would be minimum things in addition to
contributing time to the project's development. I am a
leader/co-leader of 5 OWASP projects, so it can't be too burdensome!

I know of a number of people who have and are contributing to the
project, so if people can commit time and want to be co-leaders,
please let me know. We could have 2-5 co-leaders even. I think it will
only be fair that if volunteer co-leaders do not contribute, they will
be removed from co-leadership. What do people think?

If you are interested, perhaps email me off list.

Best regards


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