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Cam Morris cam.morris at owasp.org
Thu Jan 23 21:28:44 UTC 2014

Thanks for all the work on this project.  In the past I've printed the EOP
game on tarot sized cards on printerstudio.com and played it a few times.
 I LOVE the idea of an enterprise webpage edition, so thanks for the effort
to pull this off.

I targeted the tarot sized card because the bigger size would help
accommodate the amount of text.  Their sizing guide was very helpful in
figuring out the exact size:

I tried a hundred permutations of this, so here are instructions on how I
got it to work. The challenge is the web-page auto-scales to the size of
their card, but this puts the number and right side of the text in the
"cut-zone" meaning it might get cut off.  So these are the steps I took to
create the images and resize them:

1. Start with the print ready pdf zip file
-  (I've no MS office software so this zip file was very helpful)

2. Create individual images from the pdf using gimp (it doesn't support pdf
 a. open the pdf files with gimp - a pdf import wizard will pop up
 b. select all images
 c. select open pages as "images" instead of "layers"
 d. set the height to 2994
   - the width will snap to 1794 to preserve the ratio
   - (2994 is double 1497, the height of a tarot card from the printing
bleed-area, not the cut edge.  It's double because the page complains of
low resolution if I give the exact dimensions)
 e. click import, (see attached picture)
 e. export each image.  This is a bit tedious.

3. Scale each image to tarot size
  a. Install gimp-plugin-registry to get "David's Batch Processor"
    - on ubuntu: sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry
  b. open "David's Batch Processor"
    - open gimp
    - click "Filter -> Batch -> Batch Process
  c. add all file on the "input" tab
  d. add a prefix or postfix on the "rename" tab, something like "scaled"
  e. On the Resize tab do this:
   - click enable
   - click absolute
   - set width = 1794 and height = 2994
   - set Fit = "Exact"
   (changes ratio to match tarot)
  f. click "Start"

4. Resize again with padding (I tried lots of ways to remove this step but
I didn't like the results)
  a. clear input files,
  b. add "-scaled" images to input
  c. change prefix of postfix on the "rename" tab, something like "padded"
  d. On the Resize tab do this:
    - change width to 1894 x 3094
    - change Fit = "Padded"
  f. click "Start"

(Step four shows my inability to wield the power of gimp - I feel like a
toddler with a chain saw.  I'm not sure why it works. It still isn't quite
right, but its close enough)

5. import the padded-scaled images into printerstudio on a tarot size card
project with custom front and back images.

I hope this helps someone.  Thanks again.

- Cam
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