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Tiffany Long tiffany.long at owasp.org
Tue Jul 19 21:44:47 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone,

We now have the results of the Needs Assessment done by Sooryen (

 The main takeaways of the report were:

   - Clean up our navigation and content strategy to increase usability and
   search capability.
   - Create a cleaner front page and select landing pages (such as the main
   Projects Page) so that people coming to our site can clearly figure out
   their next steps.
   - Improve the wiki aspect of our site so that it is easier to use.
   - Better integrate back end systems and communication.
   - Create a distinction between business/organization information and App
   Sec information.

Now we need your opinions on the matter.  To that end we will be hosting a
Twitter and FB chat on July 25th where you can discuss your thoughts with
Ram Ganesan, Gin Cheng from Sooryen as well as myself. Please share this
information with your Chapters, Projects, Leaders, and fellow Members.  It
is vital that we have as much participation as possible in this discussion.

The *Facebook* chat will be hosted from *2 am PDT/9 am GMT to 8 am PDT/3 pm
GMT* on our FB Page

The *Twitter* chat will be hosted form *8 am PDT/3 pm GMT to 9 am PDT/4 pm
GMT*.  The hashtag will be* #OWASPChat*

The Questions covered are:


   For the top level navigation, what do you think are the most relevant
   categories that should be included?

   What are your thoughts on segregating the business and security

   What are your thoughts on moving off of the MediaWiki platform?

   What search engine would you recommend (elasticsearch)?

   What are your thoughts on the redesigns?

   What communications platforms or methods do you think we should adopt to
   better communicate with the community?

   Do you feel positive about moving forward with the site make over and

Tiffany Long
Community Manager
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