[OWASP-wiki-editors] Past OWASP Wiki Editing Advice

Achim achim at owasp.org
Mon Feb 24 07:04:43 UTC 2014

> ***** From Michael Coates:
> I'm curious in your thoughts on how we should organize the wiki. I feel 
> like we need a tagging system to indicate articles that need:
> But, in addition to the tagging system we need a special page that can 
> show everything tagged with one of those items. Maybe this is just an 
> exercise using categories?

categories are the "tags" in the wiki, I don't see why to add a new one
which most likely complicates instead simplifies.
However, I understand that some kind of tagging is necessary, hence see below.

> In addition I'm not sure our actual category system is being used well. 
> We may need a better list of categories and a basic "how to" guide for 
> correctly using categories. E.g. should every article have one?

I agree with Michael here, that ther should be a guide how to use categories.
And then, based on that guide, a wel defined list.

Some categories to add, please discuss:

It would be nice if some categories are placed in the templates, as it 
is for "OWASP Chapter" currently. This would usage simpler, less errorprone.

And a first not for the guide:
  place [Category:...] at bottom of page (this is more natural 'cause
  they are rendered this way)

Just my 2 pence

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