[OWASP-wiki-editors] Past OWASP Wiki Editing Advice

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Mon Feb 24 02:39:04 UTC 2014

***** From Adam Baso:

Good places to start for identification of pages for targeting:

* https://www.owasp.org/index.php/special:SpecialPages
* Google Webmaster Tools backlink top URLs (disclosure of top X 
backlinked URLs should be put on a public wiki page if it is to be 

The FlaggedRevs extension is probably a good way to workflow article 
quality stuff, although I will look around. I've been tinkering with 
FlaggedRevs at work lately, so it's good timing.

I need some time to think about the taxonomy stuff. You're on the right 
track in my view, though, with category cleanup and a howto.

***** From Michael Coates:

I'm curious in your thoughts on how we should organize the wiki. I feel 
like we need a tagging system to indicate articles that need:

- old and need to be deleted
- outdated and need updates
- incomplete and need more information

But, in addition to the tagging system we need a special page that can 
show everything tagged with one of those items. Maybe this is just an 
exercise using categories?

In addition I'm not sure our actual category system is being used well. 
We may need a better list of categories and a basic "how to" guide for 
correctly using categories. E.g. should every article have one?

What are your thoughts? I think more people would help in this area if 
we had clear information on what was expected and where they could find 
pages that needed some love.

Here are the wiki pages I found when searching:

My original goal is to minimize the files listed on shortpages so we can 
actually use the results from that page to find wiki pages that need 
some love. I'm concerned if we just use "move" notes then we'll litter 
the short pages with tons of pages that just have "moved". So far I've 
deleted probably 40 or 50 blank pages and have another 50-100 to go.


Also, I'm hoping by deleting pages we are reducing the number of 
"useless" pages that could be returned via searches or indexing.

However, if the page to be deleted does actually have content then I 
agree we should use either a note, the redirect feature or actually move 
the page (if it's just a naming problem).

So, in short, I agree with your thinking for our overall process, but I 
am hesitant to use it in situations where the page to be deleted is 0 size.

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