[OWASP-wiki-editors] OWASP Top Ten Pages....

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Thu Aug 14 19:36:36 UTC 2014


Hello from the Wiki Editors/Cleanup working group.

Three of the OWASP Top Ten links are *the* most popular pages on the 
OWASP Wiki. Awesome!

The first two are just the normal OWASP Top Ten Category pages and look 


But this page is also very popular but looks a little awkward as a 
landing page, I state with respect..... (it gets about 30,000 hits a month)


**** May I suggest that we add some kind of "intro or summary" paragraph 
at the top of this page and clean up the issues with the font in the 
green sections to the left?
**** Do you want any help here?

Aloha Dave,

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