[Owasp-website] (Lack of) progress update

Thomas Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Sun Jan 29 20:11:42 UTC 2012

Have you skyped a chat with Kate on this yet?

Semper Fi,

Tom Brennan

On Jan 29, 2012, at 2:54 PM, Rory McCune <rory.mccune at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hi All, 
> So it occurred to me I should send out a lack of progress update, as I'm sure it's been obvious that there hasn't been much.
> The reason is basically that from the last round of mails, and the conversations that were had there's a couple of issues that I see with moving this forward
> 1) Lack of feedback.  Unfortunately for a variety of reasons I've had no full sets of feedback from anyone on the website proposals that were submitted, which makes making a decision a bit tricky.
> 2) Far more importantly, what I've seen from the general feedback I got after sending the proposals out, there's a fundamental lack of agreement on the underlying approach.  There's one set of people who feel that any change should build on Mediawiki, one who favour A.N Other CMS for a redesign (eg, Drupal) and one set who'd like to go the static HTML route.  Each of these options has pros and cons, personally I like the static HTML one.
> At this time, I can't say as I see a good option for moving things forward without that consensus.  There doesn't seem like a lot of point in continuing the bid process for a static HTML based re-design unless there's an agreement that it's the best way to go.
> Regards
> Rory
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