[Owasp-website] (Lack of) progress update

Rory McCune rory.mccune at owasp.org
Sun Jan 29 19:54:54 UTC 2012

Hi All,

So it occurred to me I should send out a lack of progress update, as I'm
sure it's been obvious that there hasn't been much.

The reason is basically that from the last round of mails, and the
conversations that were had there's a couple of issues that I see with
moving this forward

1) Lack of feedback.  Unfortunately for a variety of reasons I've had no
full sets of feedback from anyone on the website proposals that were
submitted, which makes making a decision a bit tricky.

2) Far more importantly, what I've seen from the general feedback I got
after sending the proposals out, there's a fundamental lack of agreement on
the underlying approach.  There's one set of people who feel that any
change should build on Mediawiki, one who favour A.N Other CMS for a
redesign (eg, Drupal) and one set who'd like to go the static HTML route.
 Each of these options has pros and cons, personally I like the static HTML

At this time, I can't say as I see a good option for moving things forward
without that consensus.  There doesn't seem like a lot of point in
continuing the bid process for a static HTML based re-design unless there's
an agreement that it's the best way to go.


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