[Owasp-vietnam] nullcon Goa V First speaker list and CFP closes soon

nullcon nullcon at nullcon.net
Wed Oct 30 20:21:51 UTC 2013

Dear Hackers and Hackeranis,

Tool tip: Did u know nullcon goa V is on V day?
Show a friendly gesture this V day, spread love not malware :)

Loads of action packed events happening at nullcon goa as we turn five
but first things first, the first speaker list(in no specific order):

1. Keynote: Jeff Moss, VP & CSO - ICANN, Founder - Defcon/Blackhat
2. Brad Barker, President - The Halo Corp
    - How Social Media has Revolutionized Cyber Warfare
3. Chris Evans, Chrome Security, Google
4. Andy Davis, Research Director NCC Group
    - Fuzzing the easy way, using zulu
5. Amol Sarwate, Director Vulnerability Labs - Qualys
    - The Year in which we cannot ignore SCADA
6. Anamika Singh, Developer - Cognizant
    - Wi-Hawk Password Auditing Tool
7. Ankur Tyagi, Software Engineer Juniper
    - flowinspect - A network inspection tool
8. Gregory Pickett, Hellfire security
    - Let's screw with nmap
9. Federico Pacheco, National Technical Univ. Buenos Aires
    - Shoulder Surfing 2.0
10. Achin Kulshrestha
    - O’Dea Assertions, Fuzzing SAML Asynchronously

Interesting events and happenings:
1. Hardware badge contest
2. Jailbeak 3.0 content
3. nullcon Blackshield Awards
4. Exhibition
5. Night talks on 13th Feb 2014
6. Free Workshops for attendees
7. Hi-tech Security training - SCADA, RE, exploitation, Web hacking and more...
8. Hacking villages
9. nullcon Parties
10. Beach!

Call for papers:
CFP closes on Nov. 20th
Details - http://www.nullcon.net/website/goa-14/cfp.php

Other details: http://nullcon.net
Venue: Bogmallo Beach Resort, Bogmalo, Goa
  Training      - 12-13th Feb 2014
  Conference - 14-15th Feb 2014
Contact: register at nullcon.net
Interested in Exhibiting/sponsoring: sponsor at nullcon.net

So, Get ready to Goa!

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