[Owasp-vietnam] Bản dịch OWASP Top Ten gần hoàn chỉnh

Nam Nguyen namn at bluemoon.com.vn
Thu Apr 14 08:26:53 EDT 2011

Thư sau là lời mời của một thành viên trong nhóm.

Nếu có bạn nào xung phong dịch OWASP Top Ten thì liên lạc trực tiếp anh Tâm nhé.

Cảm ơn
Blue Moon Consulting Co., Ltd

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Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 20:16:34 +0800
From: whitestone <thientam82 at gmail.com>
To: Nam Nguyen <namn at bluemoon.com.vn>
Subject: Re: [Owasp-vietnam] Thông tin về OWASP

Hi Nam,

How are you doing ? This is Tam, we met up several times in Singapore. I
heard you r running bluemoon and teaching at the same time.
Not sure you still have a little extra time for or know any one that is keen
in an OWASP involuntary work.
Myself and some guys in Singapore wanted to do a translation for OWASP TOP
10. We completed almost 95% of the OWASP TOP 10 then all of us are caught up
with school & work & personal commitment. Besides, many jargons which we are
not very sure how to translate to Vietnamese correctly.
Do you know anyone (maybe one of your students) is keen to continue and
complete it ? If yes, I can forward the first draft to him/her and will also
link him/her up with Cecil, the OWASP contact.

Thank you and Regards,

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