[Owasp-vancouver] Secure Coding speaker

David Klassen dbavedb at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 5 17:19:54 UTC 2013

Hey Yvan,

I would love to do this. Is there any preferred set of material? Or would going over the Owasp Top Ten, Command Injection prevention, XSS prevention, and auth/pass/session cheatsheets be enough, or should we aim for the Developer Guide and ASVS too? I have done presentations on Buffer Overflow, SQLi, and XSS attacks so far. To be honest the OWASP/CVE/SANS material has always been really good, which is why I mention it. What is your opinion/preferences?


David Klassen

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Subject: [Owasp-vancouver] Secure Coding speaker
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Hi All,

I have a request for a community member looking for a volunteer to give a
45 minute talk + QA on secure coding to a group of developers for a
business in the lower mainland.

The development platforms the team uses are primarily Java and ASP .Net,
along with Groovy and Objective C#, and there are approximately 70

Is anyone interested in volunteering to do this?

Yvan Boily

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