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We have scheduled the next offering of this 4-day course for April 20 - 23
(Tue-Fri) in Vancouver BC. 


This course aims to provide Web application developers and testers (QA) with
an understanding of application security issues and attack vectors, and the
skills, tools and techniques to code defensively against web attacks. It
also covers techniques and tools for testing web application security. Given
the nature of the threats from hackers and cyber-criminals, having web
application that can take the punishment is critical. And if your web
applications collect personal, private, sensitive, medical, or financial
information, you have legal and contractual reasons (such as PCI DSS), to
ensure that such information is collected and managed as securely as


The course is aimed at developers; testers/QA staff; system, network,
database and application architects; analysts; system, network and database
administrators; auditors; and security and compliance staff.   


This is the fifth year we have run this course and it has been well attended
each time.


A course outline is available at


Other training offerings are listed at


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